Sphaera soap is inspired by the everyday rituals of bathing and cleansing, and the opportunities these afford for quiet moments of self-care. 

Each bar is a thoughtful composition of form and function hand crafted from fine natural ingredients.

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Sphaera was founded in 2015 by visual artist and complementary health practitioner Ali Johnson. At its core is a studio practice and an approach to making that is both intuitive and thoughtfully researched, a conceptual response to rituals around self care and cleaning. Sphaera offers simple, utilitarian objects for everyday use with a distinctive depth and purpose.

Process and formula

Crafting a soap formula is a science of balance. Each of our bars is carefully designed to respond to a particular space, use or skin type using pure plant oils, butters, milks and naturally occurring fine clays. The soap is made using the ‘cold process’ method, blended in small batches, poured, hand cut and air-cured for several weeks. This traditional technique yields a true soap, preserving the components’ gentle cleansing and moisturising properties.


Each Sphaera soap has a custom botanical perfume blend composed of pure essential oils. Developed using traditional perfumery techniques these unique scents are carefully blended for a balanced profile to mirror each bar’s skincare and therapeutic purpose.

Form and function

Each bar is a careful composition of harmonious elements, crafted for a particular skin type, use and purpose. Sphaera’s distinctive cube shape bar is a simple geometric form inspired by Plato’s ideas on elemental forms – in which the cube represents the earth – and the traditional forms and practices of the oldest soap makers of Aleppo and Marseille. 

Colour and substance come from the use of fine natural clays while the cube form ensures less surface area remains in contact with water, making for a longer lasting bar. 

As they are used and enjoyed, our bars evolve from their geometric beginnings to an organic pebble form, fitting perfectly into the palm.

Care notes

Store your unopened bar in a dry environment out of direct sunlight. Soap does not have an expiry date, however some of the surface scent will fade eventually. Allow your soap to drain and dry between uses by using a soap dish.


Sphaera soap bars are all natural, sustainably produced and organic where possible. Our studio practice and packaging employs sustainable, minimal impact and locally sourced materials. Sphaera products are all cruelty free and vegan.


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